Jingxuan Tu

I am a Ph.D candidate at Brandeis University working with Professor James Pustejovsky, where I study Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. I started my doctoral work in 2019.

Email: jxtu at brandeis dot edu
Address: Volen Center for Complex Systems 110, Brandeis University, 415 South St. Waltham, MA 02454


New SemEval-2022 Task for Competence-based Multimodal Question Answering

Our new SemEval-2022 task description paper just came out! Check here for more details about the task and the accompanying R2VQ dataset.

Designing Multimodal Datasets for NLP Challenges

I am working on building R2VQ, a dataset designed for testing competence-based comprehension of machines over a multimodal recipe collection. Check out here for more information.

Semantic Visualization of Scientific Data

I am working on the exploration of the Covid-19 literature through semantic visualization. Check out our SemViz web page for the latest work!